Acrylic Router Template Specifications:

  • Most acrylic templates can be made up to 24 x 24 inches and are 1/4 inch thick.
  • We use clear cast acrylic.
  • Templates may be any shape with a CUSTOM design.
  • Be creative.

We can help you design your OWN personalized Templets using your own images, logos and text, or we can suggest a design.  Please contact us using the Contact Us button with your request.  How to Order instructions are on the About Us page.  We will respond with pricing and establish a dialog for creating the perfect custom masterpiece.

Custom laser cut router templates make routing wood designs a snap. Laser cut router templates are made from 1/4 inch thick clear acrylic.  We will craft your images, logos, hand drawings, text and clipart into templates for use with your wood router. You can design your own template for us to craft.

Design your own wood Masterpieces using laser cut acrylic Router Templates

Router Template Examples - Other Customer Designs

Contact Us for a Personal Design

​These templates still have the protective mask on, but when removed, clear acrylic results.

Custom Acrylic Router Templates