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Bronze Charms - Other Customer Designs

Design your own Bronze Charms.

We can help you design your OWN personalized Bronze Charms using your own images, photographs, logos and text, or we can suggest a design.  Please contact us using the Contact Us button with your request.  How to Order instructions are on the About Us page.  We will respond with pricing and establish a dialog for creating the perfect custom bronze charm.

Bronze Charms

Bronze Charm Specifications:

  • Most bronze charms are approximately .75 - 1.5 inches in diameter and .06 inches thick.
  • They may be any shape and size with a CUSTOM design.
  • Designs, text and logo's may be incorporated and left natural or enameled or painted.
  • Be creative.

Custom crafted Bronze Charms make unique Gift Ideas for Anniversaries, Birthday's, Parties or Wedding Favors, Friendship gifts or promotional products. Handcrafted Bronze Charms create a stunning 3D look.  We will craft your images, logos, photos, text and clipart into bronze charms. You can design your own charm for us to craft.

Custom Engraved Bronze Charms